011: Kathleen Gage: On How Our Actions Show Our Mission

Brown in Berkshireskathleen-gage-headshot_500x750Kathleen’s years of experience as an entrepreneur have led her to a place where she can work with those she chooses to, take care of herself emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially, and enjoy the many animals that are a part of her life. Join me as she shares how what keeps her focused on helping others Power Up For Profits.


Kathleen focuses on her own integrity and what she brings to the table. She believes that actions speak louder than words and that the way we conduct ourselves really determines what our mission statement is.

Worst Moment

When her mother was ill and dying and she was working her business at her mother’s bedside.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Connecting to a higher power

Current Business

Listen in to hear Kathleen share about her possible new book, upcoming masterminds and live events.

Time Saving Tool

Basecamp, a project management tool.

Business Book Recommendation

The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol

Non-Business Book Recommendation

Anything that is health focused!

Your Gift from Kathleen

There are a number of free business building tools Kathleen invites you to check out. Find them at PowerUpForProfits.com

Interview Links

Kathleen’s site.

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