028: Katie Mazzocco: Helping Entrepreneurs Find Productivity Nirvana

Brown in BerkshiresKatie MazzoccoKatie Mazzocco loves working with service-minded people and companies that are hungry for growth and to make the world a better place. She revolutionizes her client’s companies helping them move beyond time scarcity and the feeling of constant overwhelm by enabling them to leverage their time, energy and team for a greater return on their investments.


To help entrepreneurs be the huge powerful force for change they are by making the world a better place filled with love, passion and community.

Worst Moment

When she had to step away from her business for almost 11 months as a result of a sudden move and becoming an instant mother to her nieces.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Katie has lots of tools she uses to get beyond fear including meditation, having a solo (or group) dance party, tapping (emotional freedom technique) and acupuncture.

Current Business

Her current focus in on her new operations mastery programs in which she goes deep with high-level entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses.

Time Saving Tool

One Password

Business Book Recommendation

Profit First by (former Advancing Entrepreneur guest) Mike Michalowicz.

Non-Business Book Recommendation

Master the Game of Money by Tony Robbins

Your Gift from Katie

Katie invites you to grab her free report How to Transform Your Chaos into Cash available here.

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Katie’s site.

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