004: Laura Clark: Living In-joy and Helping Others to Center on Their Soul’s Message

Brown in BerkshireslpcLaura’s path from body work to soul work hasn’t been simple or easy, but she keeps her focus on living “in-joy” and centering on the present moment in whatever she does leading her to successfully serve her clients and keeping her from forever evading abundant rewards.


To live In-Joy and to help others do the same.

Worst Moment

When she realized that she was going to have to start over with a whole new business platform after years of entrepreneurship.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Make a noise to shift the energy around you. It shifts you into a higher vibration.

Current Business

Listen in to hear Laura dish about her very busy but exciting 2015 first quarter, including co-authorship of a book, a retreat, and her vision-boarding workshop.

Time Saving Tool

Hootsuite – social media marketing dashboard.

Business Book Recommendation

Satan: An Autobiography by Yehuda Berg

Non-Business Book Recommendation

The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It by Dennis Merritt Jones

Your Gift from Laura

How to Maintain Courage in the Moments of Self Doubt: Tap into your own personal strength quickly and easily with this audio guide. It also includes a guided meditation and a worksheet to reference for future courage creation! Download your copy here.

Interview Links

Laura’s site.

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