18: Lori Michelle: Being Inspired by Inspiring Others to Give

Brown in BerkshiresLori ROL headshotLori Michelle had great success as the founder of a corporate marketing firm but running a race in honor of her father was a catalyst to changing her life forever…and for the good. Despite profound hearing loss in recent years, Lori has founded both a non-profit, Running on Love, and a for profit business, Inspired to Give. Each of these companies plays a significant role in encouraging individuals and businesses to give more. Listen in as Lori share’s the ups and downs and the reasons why individuals and businesses thrive when they give.


To wake others up to the fact that giving is a source of joy.

Worst Moment

When she realized she needed masses of people to get involved if she was going to achieve her goals.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Let go of the outcome. Focus on the bigger picture.

Current Business

Many events planned. 5K festivals. Corporate fundraising. She hopes to get thousands of people “Running on Love” in 2015.

Lori’s Gift

30 minute consultation to anyone who want’s to brand themselves or their business as a giver. Reach out to Lori here to connect with her for it.

Time Saving Tool

Daily priority list

Business Book Recommendation

Secrets of Closing Sales by Charles B. Roth and Roy Alexander

Non-Business Book Recommendation

The Bible.

Interview Links

Lori’s sites. Running On Love and Inspired to Give.

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