014: Mike Michalowicz: Being Himself 110%

Brown in Berkshires

TPE_Michalowicz3Mike Michalowicz is the author of three exceptional business books, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008), The Pumpkin Plan (2012), and Profit First (2014) but before he became an author and after lots of entrepreneurial success, he hit rock bottom. Hear him tell his “piggy bank” story and learn what he considers his life purpose today.


To guide entrepreneurs to express their authentic self in their business.

Worst Moment

When he came home to tell his family that the money he’d earned selling his businesses was gone.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Developing the muscle of keeping the story in your head at bay.

Current Business

Mike shares what his next book will be about and why it’s important for entrepreneurs.

Time Saving Tool

His own task management system using dollar signs and smiley faces.

Business Book Recommendation

Mike rattles off a lot of book suggestions during our interview, but here are some highlights…

Purple Cow


The goal

Non-Business Book Recommendation


Art of War

Your Gift from Mike

To learn more about Mike and get access to a treasure trove of entrepreneurial tips, visit his website.

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Mikes’s site.

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