023: Nina Manolson: Helping women feel good in their skin

Brown in BerkshiresNina Manolson headshotNina Manolson’s personal struggle to feel good in her own skin led to her mission to help women break the cycle of frustration they have with their bodies and the foods they eat. With more than 20 years in the nutrition field, Nina is the founder of both NinaManolson.com and The Nourished Woman Nation and the author of “Feed Your Kids Well in a World that Doesn’t; An Everyday Guide to Make Healthy Food Happen in your Home and Beyond.


To help women feel better in their own bodies and heal their relationship with food.

Worst Moment

Most launches bring her down. Hear why and how she gets beyond it.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Nina has a special mantra that she uses to center herself and to get beyond what she calls “compare and despair.”

Current Business

A multitude of programs and services – including a green smoothie starter kit – will round out the year for Nina’s current and future clients. Listen in to hear her offerings and whether or not one might be right for you.

Time Saving Tool


Your Gift from Nina

Nina is offering free access to all Advancing Entrepreneur listeners to her video series “What to do now, when everything you’ve done hasn’t worked.” Watch it here.

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