025: Sarah Schwab: Teaching others to be compelling through creativity

Brown in Berkshires Sarah blue smallIn early 2014 Sarah Schwab set her sights on helping to create a marketing revolution. She wants authentic marketing to stand alone as the way marketers connect with their clients. Since then, she’s found herself supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs to create the consistent, compelling content they need to market their business online.


Helping to create an authentic marketing revolution.

Worst Moment

The time she hosted her first tele seminar and only one person showed up!

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Stay in action and reach out to people who have done what you are scared of.

Current Business

About to host her first 2-day content creation event and launching the Content Creation Club in the Fall.

Time Saving Tool

Lead Pages.

Business Book Recommendation

War of Art

Non-Business Book Recommendation

The Hunger Games Series

Your Gift from Sarah

Download Sarah’s e-book, “Create Content That Connects: 3 Mistakes That Are Making Your Content Fall Flat.” Learn how to create the content you need to grow your business online, including the 2 forms of content (there are many types, but only two forms!) and how to make it effective even in a world in which most people won’t read every word.

Interview Links

Sarah’s site.

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