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Brown in Berkshiressteven_essa_websiteSteven Essa grew up the child of working class immigrant parents with the dream to be a heavy metal rock star. Now he regularly appears on stage to cheering crowds, but they love him because he helps them make money with webinars. Listen in to hear his webinar success formula and to get a taste of the energy that makes this Aussie a great leader.


To help others create their own businesses.

Worst Moment

The day Steven was set to do a joint venture webinar 3 years in the making but he didn’t have internet service.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Steven talks through his fears with trusted business advisors.

Current Business

Steven’s just stopped doing one-on-one coaching so he can concentrate on teaching in larger forums.

Time Saving Tool

Webinator Software

Business Book Recommendation

Cash Flow Quadrant

Your Gift from Steven

Join Steven for a free webinar where he shares his best tips and tricks for converting sales from doing webinars. Click here for access.

Interview Links

Steven’s site.

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