002: Tara Gilvar: From Coffee Cake to Believe, Inspire, Grow

Brown in BerkshiresTaraFrustration at not knowing where she “fit” into the business world, led to an email that said: “We’re Smart. We have something to offer. Come to my house and bring a coffeecake.”  The rest was history. Tara Gilvar became a leader to women all of whom knew they had something to offer but weren’t quite sure where they fit.


Giving women a place where they can be safe and supported to share their vulnerabilities, their goals and their dreams. We help women find personal and professional fulfillment in their life.

Worst Moment

Waking up on a Sunday morning to find that we’d lost our website to a hacker in China.

Tip for Getting Beyond Fear

Ask yourself if whatever it is you are fearing was not an issue would you move forward and take the next step. If you can say yes, you are on the right track.

Current Business

Listen in as Tara shares a new program for young leaders that will help support young women to get education in Africa.

Time Saving Tool

Hiring a young assistant who was “born and raised in the technology genre.”

Business Book Recommendation

The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg

Non-Business Book Recommendation

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Interview Links

Tara’s site.

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